A mission statement helps to define why we are here. It communicates for ourselves and for everyone with whom we connect what our purpose is as a called-out community of Christians. Our mission statement seeks to answer the question “Why is there a church here?” Merrimack Valley Baptist Church acts in the authority of Jesus Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit to make disciples and mature disciples in New England and all over the world until Jesus returns. Put simply: the mission of MVBC is to make and mature disciples of Jesus Christ.


Vision is where our mission takes us. Our whole purpose for Vision Sunday is to communicate where we feel called to go as a church in the next year on our mission to make and mature disciples of Jesus Christ. We are passionate about our mission so it changes how we will approach the coming year. Our vision for 2021 is to make and mature disciples through a new cohesive strategy of discipleship. We long to work together on this strategy to best disciple each other and those in our local community in 2021.

Our vision for 2021 is to make and mature disciples through a new cohesive strategy of discipleship.


A healthy disciple will follow Jesus Christ in all areas of life. Most disciples will take their first steps of following Jesus in five different areas of discipleship sequentially. We call these five areas of following Jesus the five stages of discipleship. These stages are the foundation of our discipleship strategy.



We’re excited for changes over the next year as we make and mature disciples through a new cohesive strategy of discipleship. These changes range from aesthetic to perspective to structural changes. Learn more about each expected plan in the videos below.


Our new Core Classes are our way of introducing disciples to each new stage of discipleship in their walk with Christ. They are an essential part of the Believe stage, the Connect stage, and the Serve stage, as they outline what to expect and how to grow in faith, in a community of Christians, and in each Christian’s gifting and ability to serve others.

The Beginnings Classes start on Sunday, September 13, with a variety of times to fit your schedule. Sign up for an in-person or Zoom class online now.

Our goal for the Beginnings Class is to have the majority of our church through this first Core Class by the fall of 2021.



Church Membership is a way for Christians to commit to other Christians in a local expression of the Body of Christ. Local church membership is one way we can demonstrate our commitment to Jesus’ Church. We long to have all of our longtime friends commit to the rest of their church family in membership in 2021.

Our goal for Church Membership is to see longtime attendees of Merrimack Valley committing themselves to the rest of their church body through church membership.


Guest Follow-up
& Connection

As God brings guests to Merrimack Valley Baptist Church, we want to show them hospitality, care, and attention that can move them from simply visiting to being engaged in our strategy of discipleship as members of our church. We have developed a variety of connection points to protect guests from falling through the cracks and to welcome, encourage, and lead guests through our strategy for making and maturing disciples.

Our goal for Guest Follow-up & Connections is to begin our new Guest Connections Pathway on September 13.


Physical Building Changes 

We are called to be good stewards of what God has given us by living out our values of Local Relevance, Neighbor Focus, and Intentionality. Over the next year, you will see updates and renovations to our buildings as we aim to use our physical spaces in the best way we can to make and mature disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our goal for the Physical Building Changes is to be good stewards of what has been entrusted to us by God by updating our spaces over the next year to aid in our discipleship strategy.

Connections Center

Everyone has a next step in their walk with Jesus, so we are in the process of developing a unified, welcoming location for every worship service where anyone can find their next step along our discipleship strategy, whether they are with us for the first time or a longtime member.

Our goal for the Connections Center is to provide a space for everyone to find their next step in their walk with Jesus Christ, starting on September 13.



An integral part of a cohesive discipleship strategy is for all ministries and members to move in a common direction on our mission to make and mature disciples of Jesus Christ. Over the coming year, we want to assess our various ministries, programs, and events to better focus them on our mission through our discipleship strategy.

Our goal for Ministry Realignment is to work together as ministry leaders to define each individual ministry’s mission statement, strategies, and structures in relation to MVBC’s overall mission and discipleship strategy.


Pastoral Role Changes

To best shepherd the church as it makes and matures discipleship of Jesus Christ through a new cohesive strategy of discipleship, the pastoral team has identified a need to redistribute pastoral responsibilities between the current team members as well as add a Pastor of Discipleship position.

Our goal for the Pastoral Role Changes is to hold a business meeting on the evening of September 13 to discuss and vote on the addition of a Pastor of Discipleship position to the pastoral team and to explain anticipated changes to pastoral responsibilities. Please sign up for this meeting at www.mvbc.org beginning on Monday, August 24.


Merrimack Valley Baptist Church

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